Black Box Recorders, Who Is Watching You?

by Ty Wilson Law on August 9, 2013

While black box recorders can tell us information about a crash, the question raised is how helpful is it after a crash? NBC news did a story on how every car made after 2014 is expected to have a black box installed.


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They say the insurance companies, the police departments and accident investigators need the information the black box provides to help them make our roads safer. However the data after a crash will show who is at-fault potentially, does that help the insurance companies who may save a money on paying out claims?  Maybe?  Does it help the police determine who may have been at-fault?  Maybe?

It does help the insurance companies raise your rates if you never got a speeding ticket.  You see if anyone can monitor your black box they can monitor your driving, it will be like having someone in your car or with a gps system attached to your car.

Now the report state the current models of black boxes do not have the ability to see, hear or know what street you are driving on, but with technological improvements that is not far behind, I would not be surprised if it is already in existence.

Think twice, having your every move scrutinized is not something I would want.



If you have been in a car accident in Atlanta and are hurt where you can not work, how do you obtain healthcare for your injuries?

3 Ways To Obtain Healthcare Without Medical insurance

I. Medical Payments Protection

Medical payment protection is added coverage you buy with your automobile or car insurance. It offers payments for any medical care you need for your injuries after being involved in an automobile crash. The easiest method to obtain this info is to acquire your policy. Medical payments insurance coverage is an extra protection so all drivers may not hold medical payments insurance coverage.

If you have medical payments coverage you want to learn exactly what quantity of protection you have. We have seen the coverage range from as little as $500.00 to as much as $50,000.00. Most of the time the range is somewhere between $1,000.00 and $5,000.00. Depending upon the nature of your injures this might provide you enough protection to have your injuries looked at by a professional and dismiss serious long term damages as a result of your Atlanta car crash.

If you can not find your policy you can contact your insurance adjuster. It is recommended that you call your insurance company and make a claim to secure you in case the at-fault driver’s insurance has actually lapsed or there is no protection readily available. If that is the case you will want to use your uninsured motorist coverage which is covered in another short article.

If you have problem acquiring this info do not hesitate to contact our office at the number above and we will be happy to help you determine if you have this insurance coverage through your automobile insurance policy.

II. Medical Liens

Medical liens are another method to get healthcare from a medical doctor or professional. A medical lien is a where a physician or their office has you sign a lien instrument or paper specifying you understand no matter what the outcome of your Atlanta car or motorbike accident claim, you owe them for treatment. In exchange they agree not to collect repayment as you can be found in the office. In fact, they will bill your account then when the case has actually been fixed, you will need to pay them per your arrangement or lien.

As you can most likely understand, the majority of physicians will NOT deal with patients on a lien. Basically most doctors can not pay for to wait until the conclusion of your case to receive payment. Also, there is always a chance that the physician will not earn at all, which is not an extremely appealing for a physician. The truth is the doctor does not want to share in the gamble that your case may settle down the road. Administratively, they need to have office staff stay on par with the cases and regularly follow up with you or your lawyer.

That said there still are some doctors who will treat on a lien, nevertheless you have to get on the phone and do some leg work to make sure that they will. Frequently times the physicians will wish to know that you are represented by a lawyer. If they dot their I(s) and cross their T(s) the lawyer could be bound to pay them from the settlement and this enhances the doctor’s probabilities of being paid for their medical services.

III. Georgia Charitable Care Network

The mission of the Georgia Charitable Care Network is to promote joint partnerships to provide thoughtful healthcare to low income Georgians. Our vision is to that all Georgians will have access to high quality healthcare. They have clinics all over the state. Just since they are charitable does not mean they are cost-free. It costs them cash to provide the services that they provide to Georgia indigent. So while it possibly a more cost effective option to no care, you must intend on paying something for the care you receive.

They provide services to people who would not be able to afford care due to no health plan and limited income. Our hats go off to the Georgia Charitable Care Network as they serve an important feature for the State of Georgia.

To find out more on the areas of the clinics who participate in the network go to their site or call them at 678.553.4939.

Regardless of how you acquire care after an Atlanta car crash, you owe it to yourself and your household to seek treatment prompt. The most significant killer of a vehicle crash case is delay in treatment. So do not put off, get looked at dismiss that you have a significant injury.

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